6 Reasons Why Americans Are Ditching Traditional Detergents For This Miracle Detergent

cost savings good for environment miracle detergent sheets safe for all Aug 16, 2022

1. Ditch the Chemicals for All Natural Ingredients

Traditional detergents use 20+ chemicals (including those that are toxic for your skin!) to fight stains. And then once the chemicals leave your home, entering the water supply—well, let’s not even mention the harm caused to wildlife. Our ultra-concentrated detergent sheets offer extra strong cleaning power without harsh chemicals. No compromises on cleaning power, and no compromises on being skin-safe and eco-friendly. How’s that for a miracle?


2. Plastics are Destroying The Planet. These are Zero Waste!

1 billion plastic laundry detergent jugs are thrown out every year and 90% of them end up in the ocean, landfills, or are shipped to poorer nations. When it comes to the materials harming our planet, plastic is public enemy #1. And not just because of where it ends up, but also the carbon-intensive and heavily oil-dependent way it’s produced and shipped. Miracle’s laundry sheets tackle these issues by using 100% plastic-free materials that are zero-waste, fully biodegradable, and septic and gray water-safe.

Small steps like these in every area of our daily lives can make a big difference to the health of our planet!


3. Tough on Stains Without the Waste

Traditional detergents are 90% water, meaning more is needed for fewer washes. We’ve taken it for granted for so long, it’s shocking to think how much waste is involved: traditional detergents produce up to 10x more emissions in shipping alone. That’s why Miracle detergent sheets are so radical: they’re highly concentrated, squeezing even more cleaning power into one tiny box. So not only do you save on space—you actually gain on the number of washes. And there are no restrictions: our sheets work with all machines, dissolve in seconds (no more puddles of detergent pooling in one corner of the drum), and combat any and every type of stain.


4. Say Goodbye to Bulky, Heavy Jugs

Laundry shouldn’t qualify as Olympic weightlifting category—but it could be, or at least the traditional kind. An average traditional detergent jug is around 40lbs. That’s literally enough for a mid-sized weight set. Traditional laundry liquids are simply inconvenient if not a plain peril—from a hefty load in your grocery cart and the dreaded deadlift into your car’s trunk, to the hazardous heave onto the shelf (making sure it doesn’t fall on you). Miracle’s laundry detergent sheets do away with these problems completely. Weighing less than a bottle of water at .24 lbs per box, laundry no longer feels like a Rocky Balboa training session. You can enjoy a light, compact solution that fits neatly on the shelf in a fraction of the space your bulky old jugs used up.


5. No More Messes and Spills

Sick and tired of that sticky residue that collects around the cap of your laundry jug? And that moment when you heave it up to pour into your laundry machine, and it slushes over the edge and down the front of your shirt? It’s ironic that laundry ends up being one of the messiest chores. But it shouldn’t be that way! That’s why we invented detergent sheets: no more splattered floors, splashed t-shirt, and gunk collecting on jugs. Detergent sheets are a clean and tidy way of getting the soap into the machine (and nowhere it’s not supposed to be)! They’re totally hazard-free. The closest thing you could get to an accident is a papercut (take that as a challenge 😂)!


6. Detergent Isn’t Candy—Keep Your Kids Safe!

There’s a reason detergent pods packaging have those wild warnings about not eating the pods! You’d be astonished at how many hospitalizations happen due to those brightly-colored little pillows getting into the wrong hands (and mouths)! With our laundry detergent sheets, that’s never going to be a problem. As much as we think they’re the bee’s knees, we’ll admit they’re not the most appetizing of objects. And so they shouldn’t be!

If you're looking for a powerful laundry detergent that's also compact, convenient, and eco-friendly, we think you’ll love our Miracle detergent sheets


I’m Sold!

Never buying traditional liquid detergent again. These smell great, clean great, and are so much better for the environment. I’m sold.

Katharine K.   Verified Buyer


Highly Recommend.

I used to have so much trouble finding a detergent to wash my baby clothes. Sensitive skin runs in the family and these sheets are perfect for our laundry.

 Jon S.      Verified Buyer


Brilliant Idea.

Bulky, heavy items are a nightmare with my medical condition. Miracle empowers me to help the environment and makes my day easier too!

Christina F.   Verified Buyer



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