This Genius Vase Will Double The Life Of Your Flowers

amaranth vase ingenious product save flowers Sep 12, 2022

No doubt: EVERYONE loves fresh flowers!

They add a touch of life and color to any room… help stage a home for guests… and make excellent gifts for loved ones.

I mean, really. Compare this:

But there’s one problem with flowers: They’re a pain to take care of.

And if you don’t take good care of them, you’ll end up with the OPPOSITE of what you wanted…

This depressing reality can make even the most loyal flower enthusiasts ask: “Are flowers really worth the investment?”

When you consider the fact that most flowers only last about seven days1, it frankly isn’t much time to enjoy those fresh-cut florals – and keeping them fresh gets expensive quickly.

Even worse, once a week is up, you’re left with a wilted, molding mess to clean up… petals strewn all over the floor, white mold covering those formerly-green stems, and a mildewy smell that even the most potent air freshener can’t quite mask.

For many people, this is enough reason to avoid flowers altogether… which is a shame. A recent study found that flowers don’t just make you smile when you look at them, they actually have long-term mood-boosting effects!

Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.2

Of course, it’s hard to justify the cost when a $20 bouquet dies in 7 days…

But what if you could get twice as much life out of every flower you ever bring home?

Wouldn’t that inspire you to enjoy these mood-boosting blossoms more often?

That question is the inspiration behind The Amaranth Vase: an innovative new flower vase that makes flower upkeep so easy, it practically takes care of your flowers for you.

Although it looks like any other high-end flower vase, it actually hides a clever “flower care system” inside – which makes it incredibly easy to trim stems, swap out water, and ultimately extend the life of your flowers.

Amaranth has already been hailed as the greatest breakthrough in flower care since plant food because it allows you to enjoy your bouquet for twice as long – while nearly eliminating cleanup entirely.

It’s quickly gone viral, particularly after it was featured on The View and Good Morning America – and now thousands of people are raving about how much time, money, and hassle it saves them. If you love flowers, you have to see how it works its magic!

What is the Amaranth Vase, and how does it work?

The Amaranth Vase is a new shatterproof vase that includes a built-in flower care system, making it easier than ever to keep your flowers fresh and healthy for longer – up to twice or even three times as long, users say!

The magic is in Amaranth’s patent-pending design, which allows you to trim the stems and refresh the water in a matter of seconds – thus quickly and easily extending their life.

To keep your flowers beautiful for longer, you simply:

  1. Twist the bottom half of the vase over the sink to remove the old, stale water.
  2. Quickly trim each stem via the easy-access compartment.
  3. Refill your vase with fresh water.
  4. Screw the Amaranth Vase back together.

By following these simple steps, you’ll get to enjoy your fresh-cut flowers for up to twice as long!

But why, you ask? Well, this quick moment of upkeep prevents bacteria from taking hold of your bouquet, which is the main reason flowers die so quickly.

Even better, Amaranth’s gorgeous marble-infused diamond pattern design looks beautiful in any home or office and is the perfect backdrop to your colorful bouquet.

But don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance… Amaranth is made of incredibly strong marble composite thermoplastic, which won’t chip, crack, or shatter – even when dropped on the floor! It feels sturdy in your hands and has a nice weight to it, too.

And it even comes with a lifetime warranty – if it breaks, you’ll get a new one right away!

Why is Amaranth so much better than traditional vases?

Want to know the number one way to kill your latest bouquet? No, it’s not failing to water them – it’s allowing bacteria to fester, multiply, and ultimately strangle the stems.

…And that is precisely why trimming stems of fresh flowers is so important.

Unfortunately, constantly swapping out water in traditional glass vases is a recipe for disaster. At best, it causes a mess of petals, dead stems, and mold to be strewn across your kitchen floor… and at worst, you risk dropping your vase altogether and stepping over shards of glass on your kitchen floor.

And that’s what makes Amaranth so revolutionary. Unlike regular glass vases, you don’t need to remove your bouquet to swap out water or trim your stems. Instead, Amaranth’s unique drainage system allows you to swap out water before bacteria have the opportunity to grow. It’s brilliant!

Is the Amaranth Vase right for you?

Amaranth is perfect for all floral lovers, as it doubles the life of your bouquet and keeps flowers healthier and more vibrant. In addition, it’s suitable for:

  • Older adults: Amaranth is a wonderful gift for older parents or grandparents, as it makes flower upkeep much faster and easier. Plus, the vase is virtually shatter-proof, so they can enjoy fresh flowers in their home without the danger of dropping a glass vase.
  • Busy professionals who care about their home & office environment: How often have you bought a fresh bouquet of flowers, failed to handle the upkeep, then were left with a giant mess you had zero time to clean up? With Amaranth, there’s virtually no clean-up, sparing you time and energy.
  • Families with young children: Want to give young family members a beginner tutorial on garden and lawn care? They can easily help swap out water for your bouquets, without handling a fragile, glass object or dangerous tools.
  • Real estate agents: Are you hosting an open house? Help stage your home beautifully with the Amaranth’s gorgeous design while resting assured your bouquet stays vibrant for each showing.
  • Not-so-green thumbs: Love flowers, but don’t know the first thing about taking care of them? No worries… Amaranth guides you through it, even if you were born without a green thumb!

It’s no wonder 30,000+ people are already using Amaranth to save money & enjoy their flowers for MUCH longer – it’s such a smart idea!

Clearly, the Amaranth Vase is a welcome innovation for anyone who loves fresh flowers but hates to see them wither and die within a week or less.

If you’re always itching to grab a fresh bouquet whenever you’re at the store, but can’t justify the cost – or you simply adore the site of colorful florals, but positively loathe the cleanup… then you can surely imagine how much an Amaranth Vase can brighten up your life. You can finally justify having fresh flowers around – because it’s so much more affordable and easy.

Bottom line: The Amaranth Vase is a beautiful new vase that extends the life of flowers, makes caring for them stress-free, and prevents a mess. If you’re even an occasional flower fan, you can expect to get plenty of value out of it for years to come!

UPDATE: Here’s where to get the best deal on your Amaranth Vase!

Thanks to the overwhelming response to this post, Amaranth is now offering an EXCLUSIVE offer to our readers:

Now, you can buy one Amaranth Vase and get a second, absolutely free!

Not only can they brighten every room in your home, but they also make thoughtful gifts for your grandparents, neighbor, or best friend. Plus, each vase comes with a FREE 30-day trial, so there’s no risk in giving it a try. We highly recommend jumping on this deal soon though, as we can’t guarantee it will last. And with all the attention they’ve been getting, Amaranth is likely to run out of stock soon.


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References: Keep fresh flowers alive longer1 | Flowers can improve emotional health2

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