Does This Accordion Grocery Bag Really Make Shopping Easier and Faster? I Put It to the Test...

gadget gifts mom gifts Aug 15, 2022

I tried out the reusable grocery bag that has 3,390 5-STAR reviews to see if it really does make shopping faster, easier, and more fun… and here’s what happened…

Up until a few weeks ago, I assumed my “simple” weekly trip to the grocery store was just supposed to be stressful…

I mean, who doesn’t dread shopping for groceries?

From carefully navigating the aisles trying to avoid collisions (even harder if I’ve got the kiddos with me)… to loading my groceries into the cart like a game of Tetris, trying not to crush anything… to waiting foreverrrr in the checkout line, praying everything gets bagged up in some sort of order (most likely not!)... it’s a nightmare.

And that’s just the part that happens inside the store.  

When I’d get home, it was a whole other chore sprawling all my purchases across the countertop… sorting everything by what goes where in my kitchen… and putting everything away item by item.

I had reached a boiling point—and apparently, I’d become pretty vocal about my frustrations. My all-day shopping disaster was THE topic of conversation when my sister Penny and her husband were recently over for dinner.

Lucky for me, Penny had similar feelings about the pains of grocery shopping and told me about a new product she recently found out about from another mom in her son’s class. 

(And she “pinky-promise swore” that it changed her entire experience at the store!... so she really got my attention.)

It Was a Shopping Bag—But Not Just Any Shopping Bag...

“It’s called the Lotus Trolley Bag,” she said. “It’s an accordion-style reusable shopping bag that sits right in your cart, so you can load the items you pick out right into the compartments and organize everything by produce, dry goods, and cold stuff.”


My sister is one of the most organized people I know, so if she likes it, I know it’s a winner.

She continued to tell me about how this grocery bag made the whole process of shopping SO much easier—from when she first grabs her cart, to checkout, to putting the food away when she gets home. And it saves her LOTS of time!

That’s when she showed me the website and I ordered one… and I’m SO glad I did. Penny was right—it’s completely changed the way I do my groceries!

How Does the Lotus Trolley Bag Work?

(And What Makes It Different from Other Reusable GREEN Shopping Bags?)

Before I get into the details, you have to see this video—because my new best friends in grocery shopping made CBS news!


The Lotus Trolley Bag is a set of 4 extra-strong fabric bags that helps you pick, bag, and carry all of your groceries in a more organized and time-saving way.

It’s a game-changer because it’s more than just a set of bags… it’s an organized “system” that makes the whole shopping experience faster and easier from the moment you grab your cart until you put your last grocery away at home.

The unique “accordian-style” design means it hardly takes up any space in your cart—yet it expands to hold even the biggest of grocery hauls. (I swear, you can fit half the supermarket inside!) 

The “secret” is in the removable rods that rest around the top of your shopping cart to keep the mouths of the compartments open as you fill them up with your groceries.

You get to choose how you use the compartments to stay organized during your shopping trip. I like to use one section for produce, one for meats, one for non-perishables and personal care items, and the insulated cooler section for all the cold items I need to pick up during my trip.

The largest of the compartments has specialty pockets built into the insides. That’s where I put my eggs and other breakable items—like wine bottles and olive oil—to keep them safe.  

And there’s even a few smaller mesh pockets built into the individual compartments for small items like gum and cosmetics.


(You know it’s a huge bummer when you lose the small items you JUST paid for before you even get home. Well, not anymore!)

I just fill the compartments up as I’m shopping around, and then when it comes time to check out, I load the conveyor belt up section by section. 

Each section gets packed up exactly how it was loaded when I shopped around, and then I’m out the door with my perfectly organized Lotus Trolley Bag.

Once I make it to the car, I lift each individual compartment (which can also be used as its own separate bag) out of the cart with the attached rods, so I can easily load them all into the trunk

And unpacking at home is now super easy because everything is already organized. I save at least 10 minutes off the time it would usually take me to put all my new purchases away.

After you’ve got everything put away, the individual bags conveniently roll up into each other. And all you have to do is put them back into your car for your next shopping trip!

After One Use, I’m Obsessed with the Lotus Trolley Bag!

Here’s Why It’s 1,000x Better Than Any Other Reusable Bag You Can Pick Up at the Store:

  • It’s The Most Organized Reusable Bag on the Planet! Spread the bag out in your cart using the rod system. Or remove the rods and use the individual bags on their own just like a normal tote.
  • Extra Pockets to Keep Breakable Items Safe and Small Purchases in Sight! There’s a pocket for your eggs. A pocket for your wine or olive oil. And a few extra mesh pockets for small items like gum, candy, or cosmetics… so they don’t get lost.  
  • Mold-Resistant Mesh Bag Bottom! This was a brilliant idea! Now you can easily see what is in each section you are unpacking, and the mold-resistant mesh prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside.
  • Includes an Insulated Bag to keep items cold or hot for up to 4 hours! You can use this just like a soft cooler to bring to the beach, on a picnic, or to a potluck dinner!
  • Easy to Clean – If you have ever tried to wash a reusable bag, you know 9 times out of 10 it falls apart in the machine. But the Lotus Trolley Bag was designed to withstand the wash. Just throw each part in, then tumble dry on low to get rid of any nasty smells or debris. (The insulated compartment is NOT machine washable but can easily be cleaned by hand.)
  • Easy to Stow Away – Roll it and secure it with the easy-to-carry handle. You’ll never have to deal with a mess of bags scattered around your trunk ever again. (The inventors really thought of EVERYTHING!)
  • Use 1 at a time OR all 4! The individual bags detach with velcro, and the rods are removable in case you want to use one part as a regular reusable bag at the farmer's market or anywhere else.
  • You Can Use It for Almost Anything! (including big towels and blankets). Plus, the mesh bottom ensures no sand or dirt travels home with you after a day at the beach or park with your Lotus Trolley Bag.
  • Holds up to 50 pounds per bag! (Yup! That’s a lot!)
  • Fits most standard grocery shopping carts. (At stores like Walmart and Target, too!)
  • Environmentally Friendly – Say goodbye to wasteful plastic and use the best reusable bag on the planet instead!
  • AND… the 100% Love It or Leave It Guarantee! Don’t think this is THE BEST for some crazy reason, you can send it back for a full refund… no questions asked. (But with over 3,390 5-STAR reviews online, I am sure you will love it too!)

Where Can You Buy the Lotus Trolley Bag
& How Much Is It?

Honestly, I’ll never go back to using the typical reusable bags you can pick up at the grocery store checkout.  

And, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way once you give this a try.

The best place to order the Lotus Trolley Bag is directly from the company’s website online. 

That’s where I found the BEST DEAL with the BIG SALE they’re running right now:

You can save $10 off your first order of the Lotus Trolley Bag!

Update: Here's where to find a great deal on Lotus Trolley Bags!

I liked mine so much, I just placed an order for 3 more sets! (I’m going to keep one for me, and give the other 2 as gifts.) 

So you might want to do what I did and consider one of their BUY MORE, SAVE MORE BUNDLE DEALS that are available for a limited time right now: 

Buy 2 - Get a 3rd Set FREE + FREE SHIPPING

Buy 3 - Get 2 MORE Sets for FREE + FREE SHIPPING

Take it from me, the Lotus Trolley Bag is worth every penny. It’s a small price to pay when you consider how much time you will get back every week from your typical errands haul. 

Those weekend shopping trips can take up half of your day just to buy, organize, and put away your groceries for the week. It’s frustrating!

But this bag has saved me so much time and hassle every weekend. This is time I now have back to spend relaxing, playing with my kids, or running other important errands. 

And then when I consider how much money I feel I save just by having all my purchases making it home completely intact, thanks to the special protective pockets inside these bags—the Lotus Trolley Bag has paid for itself already! 

I thought I was going to have to just deal with the annoyances of errands for the rest of my life, until now. But this bag simply makes my shopping trips so much easier

And with the 100% Money Back Guarantee they are offering, if you don’t love it, there’s really no reason not to order your first set right now!

Today you can join the thousands of people who have used the Lotus Trolley Bag for a more organized and enjoyable shopping experience from the moment they grab their cart until they put their final item away at home. 

(And this can be you too!)

Click here to order the Lotus Trolley Bag right now to get the BEST DEAL with the BIG SALE they’re running this week…


Order Your Lotus Trolley Bag Before They Are Gone!



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