I Brought This With Me on Our Trip To South Padre, Now I’m Sending it With My Kid To College

gifts portable safe Oct 20, 2021

As every mom knows, a family vacation doesn't always feel like a vacation.

For a mom, vacation equals Watch Duty:

Watching the kids run off to the nearest roller coaster…while you guard the stroller.

Watching your hubs cheer and run up and down the sidelines…while you guard phones and wallets from the bleachers.

Watching the family do cannonballs into the deep end…while you guard car keys from a lounge chair.

But when I booked tickets to South Padre to celebrate my eldest daughter's high school graduation, I made a decision: This trip, we wouldn't be watching.

I bought FlexSafe, the portable, discreet safe to keep our family valuables locked away so I could do what I should be doing on vacation.

I planned on sippin' a mai tai poolside, completely at ease knowing all phones, wallets, and keys were tucked away.

And, spoiler alert — this mama had fun on her vacay. So much so that I came home and bought a second FlexSafe for my daughter.

My FlexSafe Completely Changed My Vacation

I learned about FlexSafe through a friend. While on vacation, she left her beach bag stashed under a towel next to her lawn chair. (I admit I've done this many, MANY times before.)

When she flipped over to tan her back, she fell asleep. And a thief walked right up to her, saw that she was asleep, and snatched her bag — with EVERYTHING in it.

When she returned home, she researched online and found a portable safe that couldn't run off with any lurking thieves. When she told me about it, I screamed" "That sounds perfect for our Hawaii tri"!"

I bought FlexSafe for our vacation to South Padre, TX, and loved it so much I immediately bought one for my daughter.

FlexSafe latches onto any sturdy surface — including a picnic table leg, stroller, bicycle, or lawn chair. Toss all your valuables inside, scramble the three-digit code, and your valuables are safely stowed away.

The beach was the first time I felt at peace on vacation since my first child was born.

I spent 18 years stuffing keys and phones into my sports bra or under a beach towel while trying to enjoy myself.

I knew it wasn't the most responsible thing to do, but hey — those were my vacations too!

But with FlexSafe, I got to enjoy South Padre. I sipped cocktails, took a dip in the pool, and even went hang-gliding at the beach.

As soon as we returned and my daughter started packing for college, I bought her a FlexSafe to take with her.

How Does FlexSafe Work?

FlexSafe is incredibly easy to use. Just place your phone, watch, wallet, jewelry, or other valuables inside the pouch. Zip it shut. Lock it onto any stable surface — from your bike to your lawn chair — and relax.

Or, if you're like me, grab a margarita to sip by the pool.

If you're a parent — like me — you probably have the following questions running through that worrisome brain of yours, why can't someone just come snatch it away? 

No! Unlike a purse, FlexSafe locks on to another object (like a lawn chair). A thief would have to steal the entire lawn chair to run away with your belongings (which wouldn't exactly be a discreet getaway plan).

  • Can you rip it open? Nope! Trust me, I tried. A lot. The five-layered fabric construction is ultra slash-resistant and built to last. No one is going to be cutting into this thing!
  • Could you smash the lock and break into it? Again, nope! The nickel alloy lock is corrosion-resistant and incredibly heavy duty. Plus, it's latched onto something (like a stroller). You would have to lift the entire stroller overhead in an attempt to smash it.

I trusted FlexSafe to protect our family valuables on vacation, and rightly so. Therefore, I trusted it to protect my baby girl as she drove off to college.

FlexSafe is What Every Student Needs in Their Dorm

I bought FlexSafe for Hawaii because I wanted to have fun but be responsible. That's the definition of the college experience I want for my daughter.

I want her to be safe. But I know she will be running off to tailgates, parties, and living in dorm rooms. I'm not naive — I went to college and lived on campus too!

I'm familiar with puking in showers, unlocked dorm rooms, fire alarms at 3 a.m., and plastered classmates stumbling in at all hours. Here's what made my college experience different: I didn't have an iPhone, credit cards, or a car when I went to college. My daughter has all three.

To keep those items safe and locked away while she's asleep, in class, or at a school function. I want her to use FlexSafe.

With built-in RFID blocking materials, her electronics are safe from cybercriminals. No one will be stealing her data from her credit card or phone.

And if a slightly intoxicated college freshman just happens to pull the fire alarm and set the sprinkler system off, FlexSafe can protect her phone from water damage.

The durable, luggage-grade nylon keeps her credit cards and electronics not only safe but dry.

FlexSafe is the Portable Safe That Doesn't Look Like a Safe

If I sent my daughter to school with a clunky, metal safe and forced her to use it, she would never come home for the holiday break.

Luckily, FlexSafe is the discreet safe that looks nothing like a safe. She can hide it in her sock drawer, under her futon, or in her closet. Or, she can easily attach it to her bike, which she rides to and from class.

Best yet, FlexSafe comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if one month into school, she calls me and says, "Mom I'm just not using this thing." I can send it back for a full refund. (Or maybe I'll just keep it for myself.)

Keep Your Kids Safe at College With FlexSafe

With my daughter running off to her first year at college, I know I can no longer be "watching"g" over her. All I can do is provide the tools she needs to stay safe.

I think every parent should buy a FlexSafe for their kids. College students have far more valuables and electronics than our generation did.

And frankly, with what we just spent on my daughter's first-semester tuition, we can't afford to replace a stolen iPhone! At just $59.99, buying a FlexSafe is far more cost-effective than replacing any of her electronicsItIt's easy to see why 40,000 people trust FlexSafe to safeguard their possessions. No matter where you are in the world — on a beach in So. Padre, at a child's soccer game, or on a college campus — FlexSafe helps keep your possessions (and family) safe.

Get Your Flex Safe Before They're Sold Out!



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