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If you’ve been told to back up your photos on your computer, there’s a good reason. 

Our memories are precious, and you never know when tragedy will strike your computer. 

Photos of loved ones and shared moments mean so much, especially nowadays.

They’re so important that they need your protection. 

It’s easy to see why you should back your photos up, but you’re probably running into the same problems I did when I thought about trying:

It just takes so much time! My photos and videos were everywhere on my laptop, and I had no idea where to start.

If that’s how you feel, too, no judgment here!

It’s impossible, or at least incredibly time-consuming, to back up every single thing that matters to you on your computer. 

I’m sure in ten seconds; you can already think of how many pictures you probably have saved in random folders or video files stored in hard-to-find places. 

And let’s say you were somehow to save every single picture onto a USB drive. How would you go about adding new ones? 

Would you be able to remember which ones were already in there and which ones weren’t? 

I know I wouldn’t.

And don’t even get me started on the duplicates taking up precious space on my computer!

If only it were simpler…

And it is!

Finally, there’s a device that can do ALL OF THIS for you just by pressing one large, satisfying, practical green button. 

And it’s called The PhotoStick. I saw an ad for it when I was searching for a solution to this mess!

So What Is The PhotoStick?

The PhotoStick looks like a bit of USB, but it’s the contents inside that matter.

The software that comes with The PhotoStick automatically searches, sorts, and backs up every photo and video for you. 

It even understands which memories are new and old and can even tell which ones are duplicates! 

That random photo you didn’t even know you have will get picked up just as quickly as your front-and-center pictures. The PhotoStick knows exactly which files are essential. 

Even better, The PhotoStick knows which pictures are duplicates! And which ones are new! This means two important things:

  1. You will never waste storage space with duplicate pictures
  2. You will never waste time figuring out which files are new since you last backed up

The PhotoStick is that smart! So you don’t have to waste your time trying to do something you’d likely mess up anyway!

The Incredibly Easy How-To Explanation

It is so easy I highly doubt you even need to read this part but to give you an idea:

  1. Plug in The PhotoStick
  2. Click on The PhotoStick app when it pops up
  3. Press the giant green GO button.

That’s all, folks. 

Why Didn’t I Know About This Genius Idea Until Now?

I guess the short answer is that technology didn’t exist until now!

The PhotoStick wasn’t born until its founder Mark Oman (former VP of Hewlett Packard), had his computer crash incident. 

Mark lost all of his family memories because he hadn’t backed up his computer. Of course, coming from the world of computers, he had heard that he should back up, but he, like the rest of us, is human. 

He knew how terrible it was and how hard it was to back all of these things up. 

And one unfortunate day, he lost everything. 

Pictures of his family, his home, his loving friends. All gone. In an instant. 

Of course, it was a devastating blow. And one that goes to show this kind of thing can happen even to the computer experts of the world. 

Of course, it could happen to you too if it hasn’t already. I know my daughter had a terrible experience with it after going on a trip with her friends. 

Thankfully, something great came out of Mark’s terrible experience, and he invented The PhotoStick

Mark quickly understood that what he wanted wasn’t available on the market. 

He wanted to create something that would quickly and easily backup his images so that this would NEVER happen again.

He also thought other people who aren’t like him, or people who aren’t computer experts, would want to use this thing too, so he had to make it easy.

But What If I Have The Cloud?

Repeat after me:

Your images aren’t always safe on the cloud. 

It would help if you were using something like hardware, like The PhotoStick. 

By using The PhotoStick, you can have tangible proof that your photos are safe. 

You don’t have to give any personally-identifying information to use the device, and you can rest assured your photos will never get leaked. 

Don’t use a regular USB either, or you’ll be finding, sorting, and organizing your photos yourself!

A standard USB won’t automatically identify and save everything you need, and I can almost guarantee you will miss a memory or two… or ten. 

Tips For Getting The Most out of The PhotoStick

This tiny device can save up to 60,000 pictures, no matter how high the image quality. 

Even if you’re Ansel Adams, The PhotoStick will have you covered. 

I’d personally suggest going with their largest storage size, the 128GB. 

Don’t worry; it doesn’t make the USB any bigger. It’s still a handy little size. 

Even though the smaller storage size will hold plenty of pictures, I like to have as much space as possible. 

Backup as frequently as you like. The PhotoStick will know exactly what it needs to add each time you plug it in. 

Another plus? The PhotoStick doesn’t take much time at all!

You don’t need to plan a day around it or anything. Even if you’re an avid photographer, The PhotoStick should be finished quickly.

And it won’t take over your whole computer – you can keep working on whatever it was you were doing before. 

Don’t Let Your Memories Get Lost or Fade Away.

I want you and your family to be able to share some of the beautiful memories you’ve captured!

I know my daughter was crushed when she lost her photos. 

It was terrible to see the pain in her eyes, but I had no idea The PhotoStick even existed at that time. There wasn’t anything we could have done. 

Thankfully we’re at a time where The PhotoStick has been invented, and you can take advantage!

Especially with the year we’re having, it’s essential to look back at some old memories and hold onto those precious moments. Please take a second to remember all we have to be grateful for. 

Backing up your photos is the only way to make sure you get to keep the pictures of your friends, family, and yourself safe. 

There’s no installation or software you need to download. Just a money-back-guaranteed purchase with The PhotoStick. 

May you and all your memories stay safe!

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